Bored Gorilla Yacht Club

BGYC is a 100% community driven project, yes you heard right. Everything you see or have seen has been done by pure voluntarily work from community members all for FREE. Coming together was our beginning of the revival, staying together is the progress, and working together is now our success. We have grown into being one of the strongest likeminded communities ever. We are here to prove that the impossible is possible.

What are the Rillas?

10,000 Bored Gorillas Roaming around the blockchain jungle hoping to find out how they ended up on this unknown island.

2.5% of the total creator fee goes to a multisign community wallet driven by the BGYC community itself. The community is on a daily basis creating its future together with the backend assist of the projects founders.

10 000 Gorillas has unknowingly arrived at this island filled with adventure. With mysterious happenings and discovery’s through their journey, they start to feel that they are not alone. Decisions taken by the Gorillas has shown to be lifechanging for their future. Follow the last arriving group of Gorillas while they search for answers on the island.